Trade Show, Fair or Exhibition? (part 2)

Although English speaking world has to choose between Trade Show, Trade Fair, Exhibition and Exposition (Expo), in Germany only two terms are commonly used:

  • Ausstellung (direct translation – Exhibition) is quite an old term which was widely used in ‘50s-‘60s. Some events still use this word, for example Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung, or IAA – the world’s most comprehensive show of the automotive industry.
  • Messe (direct translation – Exposition, Trade Fair, Trade Show) is the most popular word, used to describe all types of events, where businesses gather to showcase themselves to other businesses and public. For example, Hannover Messe – world’s most important technology show.

A lot of trade events are skipping the word “Messe” or “Ausstellung” altogether and leave only the brand name of their event. World’s leading digital world event CeBIT is a perfect example; although still described as Messe, one word “CeBIT” is sufficient to describe the event.

It has to be noted though that relying just on generic descriptions (for example, entering something similar to “trade shows Germany”) when searching for appropriate event for your company to participate in might not produce the best results. The way many events are organised is changing very fast and fine lines between different types of events are more and more blurred. Many Conventions, Congresses, Conferences or Forums take on features of Trade Shows so that businesses can have their booths on site as well. And vice versa, many large Trade Shows choose to hold a Conference type event at the same time, in addition to usual panel discussions.

We can help you make the right choices when it comes to events best suitable for your business – all you have to do is send us a link to your company website and we will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can always talk to us.

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