Why choose us?

There are many people who would say that public relations is a commercial equivalent of a good old-fashioned lie. We strongly believe the opposite.

For us, Public Relations is the process of creating HONEST long term relationships with key groups that influence your business. Integrity, mutual respect and two-way communication are vital parts of any such relationships; without them there is no trust, no loyalty and eventually, no business.

We are here to help. We understand that international companies coming to Germany face a lot of challenges, and we are here to help them convey their messages correctly, effectively and with minimum investment. Our services cover the whole process of public relations – we take care of it, from A to Z.

Please take a look at our client list – you would have probably heard of some. These companies have trusted us, and they don’t just trust anybody.

So, how are we different? How are we better? Why should you choose us?

Here is a dozen of reasons:

  1. We SPECIALISE in Trade Show PR. Being the best requires undivided attention.
  2. We have EXPERIENCE. A lot of it.
  3. We are UNIQUE. Our ideas, approach and attitude are ones that you have probably never encountered before.
  4. We are RELIABLE. We do not promise what we can not do, but you can trust that whatever is promised will be done.
  5. We take pride in our VERSATILITY. We work with wide range of businesses in extremely diverse industries.
  6. We are STRAIGHTFORWARD, direct and do not waste your time. It adds to our reliability.
  7. We are FLEXIBLE. We are prepared for the unexpected, and we adapt quickly.
  8. We have RESOURCES to do our job well.
  9. We keep your information CONFIDENTIAL.
  10. We are INTERNATIONAL. Our clients are international, our team is international, and our experience is international; we understand the challenges of international business.
  11. We are PERFECTIONISTS. Nothing less than a perfect result is acceptable.
  12. We like SUCCESS. It motivates and inspires us to reach higher, move faster and achieve the impossible.

And here is one more, the devilish 13th reason: we KNOW Germany. We can take you by the hand and guide you, but you have to contact us first.