What we do

Here is what we can do to help your business successfully exhibit in Germany – our services cover the whole process, but we have divided them into 5 stages: Planning, Preparation, Action, Support and Evaluation.


  •          Creating a Trade Show PR strategy or overall PR strategy;
  •          Auditing the current strategy and making amendments (if necessary);
  •          Researching the market, identifying most suitable trade shows;
  •          Setting goals, objectives and targets for every chosen Trade Show;
  •          Identifying competition and their actions, planning counter-actions;
  •          Planning activities for every chosen Trade Show.


  •         Preparing and optimising communication channels for the show;
  •         Writing and distributing pre-show press releases;
  •         Preparing website(s) and Social Media, interacting with readers;
  •         Building distribution lists;
  •         Preparing press packs;
  •         Preparing and/or checking all material for the booth (paper and digital);
  •         Preparing the booth itself (designing and building it or working with designers and booth manufacturers/renters);
  •         Informing the press and liaising with journalists;
  •         Arranging interviews and organising press conferences;
  •         Informing clients and stakeholders;
  •         Informing relevant communities, associations, institutions, government bodies and liaising with them;
  •         Liaising with Trade Show organisers and Trade Show Press Office;
  •         Coordinating marketing activities related to the show, such as catalogue entries;
  •         Writing speeches and providing material for presentations, seminars and round table discussions;
  •         Training booth staff.


  •         Holding press conferences;
  •         Providing speaker services;
  •         Distributing press packs to journalists;
  •         Writing and distributing press releases;
  •         Running events, presentations and other activities in the booth;
  •         Meeting with journalists and other media;
  •         Participating and providing assistance in seminars, discussions and evening functions;
  •         Collecting information and images, providing a trade show report for company archives.


  •         Working on-site during press days;
  •         Providing additional on-site training for booth staff, if needed and when needed;
  •         Being on-call for the whole time the trade show takes place;
  •         Providing advice and support during all stages, from preparation to evaluation.


  •           Following up on journalists, government officials and stakeholders;
  •           Writing and distributing post-show press releases;
  •           Writing articles and updating websites;
  •           Updating all other communication channels and engaging interested parties;
  •           Maintaining social media interest;
  •           Summarising the results of the show and comparing them against plans;
  •           Auditing overall and individual performance;
  •           Identifying areas of improvement and providing training.

The above is not an exhaustive list of available services; they differ depending on industry, company goals and the show itself. However, it is very difficult to isolate trade shows and have PR support solely for this purpose. In order to make the most of any trade show or marketing activity, integrity must be present at all times, as well as continuous effort. Unfortunately, if marketing is considered necessary on a daily basis, it is far from true when it comes to public relations. PR is suddenly remembered when a crisis strikes (e.g. horse meat is found in your lasagne, and your business is being literally slaughtered by media), and even then it is rarely remembered in time.

Marketing is vital to any business, it is unquestionable. But marketing alone is not able to cope with modern business needs. Marketing can sell and promote, but eventually a marketer is not able to professionally deal with, for example, continuous negative feedback. Marketing without proper public relations is like a bird without wings – it is still a bird, it just can’t fly.

Here is The Golden Rule: only when PR and marketing CONTINUOUSLY work together hand in hand the business is able to receive full support it needs.

Due to the above we provide continuous PR agency contracts which run on a subscription basis. These contracts not only include Trade Show PR, but they cover all public relations, including continuous advice and press releases, crisis management, bad feedback management, product launches and reintroductions, maintaining social media and websites, planning, training, and so much more. If you are interested in a possibility of working together long term, call us now to discuss your needs.