Our Projects and Partners

Trade Show PR is one of the projects of Avandy GmbH – an all-round public relations agency, based in the very heart of Germany (please take a look at www.avandy.de for detailed information in German).

Despite economic crisis hitting similar companies quite hard and forcing some of them to go out of business altogether, Avandy has remained immune to such effects. We feel this is due to professional and honest approach – we treat our clients the way we would like to be treated ourselves. We tell the truth, we don’t promise the world just to make a sale, and we always perform to the highest standard.

As a result, Avandy has been trying to satisfy the demand and expanding its activities very rapidly during recent years. New projects were launched and the old ones were strengthened; there are many more exciting plans under way.

Avandy can help your company with all public relations activities and projects, such as:

  •           PR strategy – creation, research, audit and analysis, including budgeting and existing
    strategy adaptation to German market;
  •           PR planning (from general company PR to particular events or projects only);
  •           Press and media services, including Materndienst with circulation of your choice;
  •           Press conferences and events;
  •           Speaker services;
  •           New product launches, product adaptation to German market and reintroduction of current products (complete market preparation, entry or re-entry packages available on request);
  •           Client relations (this is a VERY broad category and includes printed materials, digital and online materials, procedures, etc.);
  •           Competition PR (research and response to competitor activities);
  •           Blog Relations and Social Media;
  •           Online Strategies, Website development, maintenance and Content creation;
  •           Building of Distribution (inc. Mailing) lists and E-Mail Marketing;
  •           Crisis management and emergencies, including all kinds of crisis and recalls;
  •           Training of management and PR staff;
  •           Internal communications and investor relations, including mergers/acquisitions and unpopular decisions;
  •           Community relations, and…
  •           …of course, Trade Show PR (service list and packages here).

The list is not exhaustive, but it gives an idea of the scope of services Avandy can provide (more on services here). If you have a specific project, particular requirements or you are not sure which service is best for you, please contact Avandy directly.

Current list of major Avandy Projects and Partners is as follows:

  •           www.materndienste.de (German). There is no direct translation of the term “Materndienst”; it is best described as “media service”, “press service”, “feature article”, “custom article” or even “advertorial”. Materndienst is a specific paid article on a chosen topic, distributed via pre-selected media, such as national or local newspapers. Depending on budget and target audience, circulation can be anything from thousands to millions.
  •           www.rueckrufe.net (German) – a popular website on product recalls  and crisis management;
  •           www.online-pr.info (German) – a website about online public relations and Social Media, including strategies, trends, news and advice.
  •           www.app-agency.de (German), www.app-agency.com (English) – our UK based daughter company providing mobile app marketing services and advice; they run one of the most popular app review websites in Germany, www.app-kostenlos.de, as well as 4 other app review and marketing websites;
  •           www.pressedienste.info (German) – a website on news service and press releases.
  •           www.tradeshow-pr.com (English) – website covering all aspects of public relations at trade shows and much more, e.g. planning and trade show project management.

In addition to the above, Avandy runs about 30 more smaller scale online marketing and PR projects, with topics ranging from economy and financial markets to real estate, construction, energy efficiency and even sports. We ARE versatile, and we understand the specifics of many industries.