Welcome to Trade Show PR, a project created specifically for foreign companies exhibiting in Germany.

We understand that participation in any foreign trade event is far from an easy task. You have to deal with different culture, different behaviours, different language and sometimes even a very different time zone. Despite all the difficulties you strive to achieve as much as possible and make your participation a success, but… are you really doing enough?

It is astonishing how many companies do not use all tools available to them when it comes to trade shows. Sadly, it is marketing which grabs all the attention – suddenly it is all about leaflets, cards, booth design, giveaways, etc. Very few companies (usually large international corporations) remember that there is such an area as Public Relations, and even fewer see it as an integral part of trade show participation. Ironically, it is Public Relations that is usually behind stories of tremendous exhibiting success that we read in newspapers later.

Trade Show PR is a solution to many problems, as well as a door opener. We are here to help you “translate” your company message, materials and overall behaviour into German, so that it is understood correctly and accepted. We are also here to distribute your message and make sure it reaches the ones you want it to reach.

Please take a moment to explore this site – we would recommend taking a look at our services, browsing through our client list and reading the section on Exhibiting in Germany if you are relatively new to the market.

And most important, talk to us – we can help you.


Only when marketing and Public Relations continuously go hand in hand your business receives the support it needs to grow and prosper.