About us

Trade Show PR is a project specifically designed to help foreign businesses exhibiting in Germany. We are a relatively new part of Avandy GmbH, which is a fullservice public relations agency based in the heart of Germany.

To the best of our knowledge, at the moment we are the one and only public relations agency in Germany specialising in helping foreign companies with public relations at German trade shows.

About the project

Over years and years of working in public relations we have come across many difficult situations that overseas companies find themselves in when trying to conquer German market. Many complicated matters relate to various trade shows; this is no surprise, as trade shows is one the most convenient ways to start business expansion to Germany.

German trade shows come with a twist though. In addition to being expensive and sometimes unpredictable, they present a full list of promotional opportunities, usually designed in a German way. That is, easy to understand and prioritise for Germans, and not so easy to grasp for the rest of the world. This is not an issue for a big international business entity, but what about smaller, medium sized firms?

We have created TradeShowPR.com in response to the needs of small or medium sized companies which do not have millions to spend on their campaigns and thus need to make the best of every Euro, Pound or Dollar they have. Exhibiting in Germany does not come cheap; we are here to help you do it right and get the most return on your investment.

Please take a look at how we can help you here, check out our most popular service packages and service list here and see why you should choose us here.