Trade shows: definition and origins

There are hundreds of various trade shows taking place every year in Germany alone. Anything can be presented there – from latest genetic engineering devices and supercars to chicken food and wedding dresses. For every product or service there is a trade show available, and there is a possibility that YOU – the person who is now reading this article – have participated in at least one of them.

The origins of a trade show go back to medieval markets; these were usually taking place in a well-known location, such as the main square of the town, and were drawing attention of both locals and visitors from afar having something to sell or wanting to buy things. Sometimes such a market was the main event of the year in local communities, serving as a meeting point for its members. It was a very convenient way to get the news and exchange information. As time passed by some of such markets grew bigger, they became more centralised and specialised, finally turning into modern trade shows. And although the way trade shows look today has changed dramatically, the concept remained the same: trade show is a place to show yourself, acquire new business and exchange news/information on latest trends.

To put it differently, trade show is the place to present your business in a way that brings in new clients, strengthens the relationship with existing ones and helps form mutually beneficial partnerships. It is the place where companies can see their position amongst competitors and get ideas on improving their own products or services. It is the place where you have a preselected audience for your company message – current and prospective clients, business partners and media, all within easy reach.

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