CeBIT 2013: Top 10 funniest trade show pictures (part 2)

Here are the best of the best, the five funniest CeBIT 2013 pictures:

5. Noshareconomy, or keep your fat fingers off my things

Protective plastic on a trade show exhibit. Brilliant invention.

machine with protector
Those visitors.. they touch everything, without thinking that we need to sell those as new after the show!


4. Hackers are ready!

Yes, they are – here is one 😉

hacker preparing
Are you ready for the hacker? He is just preparing for you!


3. IT outsourcing gets you ahead of competition…

…so you can read a good old fashioned newspaper!

Everything is outsourced, now it’s time for a newspaper.


2. Penetration testing

(tsss… testing is in progress)

Penetration testing as-you-wait


1. Break

These guys are absolute winners (applause please), without competition! Not only have they made numerous errors in their materials, they have also advised CeBIT visitors to … come back later. Congratulations – that’s the way to go “Enhancing Your Business“! (loud applause again please).

indonesian businessmen
Enhancing Your Business… they nailed it.


That was our top 10 – do you have any funny trade show pictures of your own? Maybe you know some funny stories? Share them with us!

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