CeBIT 2013: Top 10 funniest trade show pictures (part 1)

Although CeBIT is not too famous for funny things (there are serious companies exhibiting and even more serious people visiting), our teams still managed to take some interesting pictures. Here are the funniest of them.

10. What’s the time?

We would have never immagined that CeBIT could be sooo boring.

time checking
What’s the time? Not even 2pm?!? CeBIT is soooo boring…


9. Sleeping beauty

Topic boredom continued – who said CeBIT is a place for business? It’s good for some rest as well!

sleeping man at CeBIT
Business can wait… sweet dreams!

8. Visitors…or not?

We have no idea whether these two were exhibitors or just visitors stopping to rest in an empty booth…and we did not dare to ask.

visitors stopping at an empty booth
Visitors or Exhibitors?!


7. Name says it all

We are quite sure this company does not need much additional advertising – it’s all in the name. Self explanatory.

Taiwan business
Efficient and reliable. All said.


6. Look, but don’t touch!

Shareconomy is the main topic of CeBIT 2013. Here is how shareconomy is understood by some exhibitors – sharing is ok, but only from a distance.

plastic screen cover
These are going to be sold as new after the show, or?


The bottom 5 places are gone, here come the best of the best – please continue to part 2 of CeBIT 2013: Top 10 funniest trade show pictures!

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